Sean & Dakota

The Dos Equis man, Dakota Gale! He speaks Italian, has biked across Oregon, became a proficient piano player, and is a young (30 something) retired man. All those feats were just last year! Dakota seeks to fill his curiosity and does it better than anyone I have met.**

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Sean & DakotaSean & Dakota
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Sean & Tony

Tony Bonicci lives his work. And his work is helping people with their inner work. Tony is a Buddhist descendent, a zen master, and a powerful spirit. Listen to him discuss manifestation, visualization, and legacy work.

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Sean <> TonySean & Tony
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Sean & Jason

Jason Heyn is one of those special people you will never hear about because he is probably in the desert or deep in the mountains somewhere. Jason is an ultrarunner, a zen practitioner (even though he doesn't know it), and someone who seeks challenges as a way to realize happiness and is one of my oldest friends.

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Sean <> JasonSean & Jason
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Sean & Ben

Benjamin is the owner of Malama Mushrooms, a superfood product that enhances human performance. He is a surfer who has "found his medicine" in surfing and an environmentalist. Listen to how Ben meshes life and business.

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Sean <> Ben: PodcastSean & Ben
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Sean & Dr. Aria

Dr. Aria is a High-performance coach, an author, and an expert in psychology and longevity. I am proud to call him my friend. Listen to Dr. Aria talk about the inner work needed for performance & happiness!

Social to be found here: https://www.dr-aria.com/

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Podcast: Sean <> Dr. AriaSean & Dr. Aria
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Sean & Lauren

Lauren's journey began as a sufferer of intense anxiety and chronic cervical pain. Exploring ways to relieve her pain without a surgical procedure, she found breathwork. Hear Lauren's secret behind breathwork and how it relates to health & happiness!

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Podcast with Lauren!Sean & Lauren
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Sean & Mike

Mike Gazzo: Music Producer, Breathwork & Meditation Facilitator, Philanthropist, Inspirational Speaker, Mountaineer, Runner, Boxer & Energy Healer

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Mike Gazzo: Music Producer, Breathwork & Meditation Facilitator, Philanthropist, Inspirational Speaker, Mountaineer, Runner, Boxer & Energy HealerSean & Mike Gazzo
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Sean & Mark

Mark Green, the best high school football player I have ever seen, talks about his journey going from the star in high school to a smaller college than he wanted to play ball at where he had some serious reflection to do. Mark shares his story of how he got his mind right and his life on track after football and some quiet time in his mind.

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Sean <> MarkSean & Mark
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Mind Change (Kent & Heather)

Kent & Heather are practitioners of happiness! They have developed the Mind Change method. With this method, they have healed many but helping them let go of the energy & matter that come from old memories and free us of those limiting beliefs!

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Mind Change (Kent & Heather)Kent & Heather
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Sean & Adam

Adam Quiney will be my coach one day. Hopefully soon. Adam shares about how he got torn down and built back up to be the best version of himself. Many people say that, but hear how Adam goes through this process and now, he still stands high, but this time on a solid foundation.

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Podcast: Adam QuineySean & Adam
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Sean & Juliet & Kelly 

Kelly is the mobility king. Juliet is the "Dos Equis Women." Together, they built "The READY STATE" to help people live ready for whatever comes their way in life.

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Juliet Kelly StarrettJuliet & Kelly Starrett
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Sean & Dan

Dan Millman is my favorite author. He is a man that needs no introduction. It was an honor to look behind the brilliant minds that create books like "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior", and 17 other amazing titles!

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Podcast with Dan MillmanSean & Dan Millman
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Sean & Juliana

Juliana is creating a legacy in her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland by helping take ideas of people in the healthcare field and bringing them to life with software development. Listen to how she is intertwining her life's mission with her work and how she juggles it all!

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Juliana: CEO of Tech SliceSean & Juliana
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Sean & Cara

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Sean <> CaraSean & Cara
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Sean & Tia

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Tia & SeanTia & Sean
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