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Making Content is About More Than Making Content

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

In my final semester at Quince Orchard High School, in 2012, I was the only one with no social media in my friend group.

My brother recommended I make a Facebook account to meet a college roommate.

In came David Burke! My college roommate. I said I played Wide Receiver in High School Football - he used his Tinder game on me and said - “no way, I played QB, let’s toss!”

Boom Roommates.

Besides my good first experience with social media, I never really got into it. It didn't feel natural for me to consume, or make content for social media.

I recognized the power it has - but saw all of the negative uses and effects it had.

I also did not want to really share my story for some reason. But until I started surrounding myself with a lot of entrepreneurs and I saw that 99% (or more) had a following on social media, I was convinced.

They were not fitting social media into their lives - they were integrating social media into their lives.

They found ways to use social media to stimulate a creative process, which is healthy for your brain waves.

Social media was their way to step outside of their comfort zone.

It was a way to challenge themselves to utilize a power like social media to create impact - to influence - to hold themselves accountable for being an inspiration

This is also a way to test your awareness.

You can use social media as a tool and not get addicted to consuming content. It requires awareness.

It is a fun challenge.

Everything in life becomes a way to extrapolate additional lessons from it. This included.

So, as I sit on this flight from Miami to DC, I made and loaded my first pieces of content.

I intend to develop content consistently around pillars in my life. I feel like I want to learn and explore alongside my audience.

I feel I might even have something to share with my audience - even if it is just a failure and my learnings from it.

From a straight business standpoint - it only makes sense to make content. It is free. It is marketing is the most natural (word of mouth) way, it opens doors, establishes credibility, and is key to almost all businesses

I might not LOVE making content but there are two things:

  1. Cresting content is a creative process - which taps into feelings of being a kid. It stimulates imagination and is definitely something we can learn to love.

  2. Think about how much stuff - that is less fun - to achieve goals?? Answer emails? File receipts?

This is interesting because when I am goal setting, in no way do I envision social media. BUT I do not recommend being too specific with your goals.

Embrace the unknown.

Too many signs pointed towards making content.

What I envision is a life where I am living free. Free finalicaiily. Free of what I do for work. And it seems like this is the best route for me.

It also creates a little bit of imposter syndrome for me.

This is really really good. I once heard when you start a business you “Fake it until you make it.” In a good way! What other choice to have? Even Steve Jobs did this with Apple!

So do I feel like someone who is comfortable making content - no. But it allows me to grow and expand!

So I plan to use this channel to spread love. To spread inspiration. To learn with you., And to share knowledge around what I accumulate through experiences.

T. Harv Ecker says in his book “If you believe in what you do, scream it” and I believe in the things I do daily and want to scream it.

I hope someone listens and feels inspired to better themselves, and inspired someone else.

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