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I want this to be the next adaptation after not needing to eat anymore.

The next human adaptation I am praying for is the ability to turn sunlight into energy. We actually have this ability and just need to tap into it. Google “Breatharians” and you’ll hear about people who have gone years without eating.

But we aren’t getting into that. Anyways… we are already dependent on the sun for energy and heat, so there is no issues with us becoming more dependent on the sun if we uses it directly for energy. This would also solve some major health issues. Health issues for the planet, as well as ourselves.

Agriculture and the food industry are destroying the environment. We are over farming landing leaving it nutrient-free and worthless. The machinery, gas/oil, and packaging of food is a major contributor to Global warming. And we are using weed-killers that stay in the atmosphere like Glyphosate.

This is industry also hurts our own health, separating us from source. We don’t get information, via food, like we used to causing a disconnect from nature. I am praying we learn to turn sunlight into energy, like plants can, and stop these problems. We also live in a world where billions, yes billion, are food insecure.

Using the sun as energy should become a natural adaption to keep humans around.

But this blog is about the next adaptation… one much further down the road that requires a conscious awakening.

And that adaptation is losing the ability to talk.

Once we realize that all of our problems are inter-related problems stemming from confusion and over-communicating, we will start to morph towards this. Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga bring up that 100% of our problems are inter-personal in the book, “The Courage To Be Disliked.”

I agree.

It comes from our want to talk.

Talking gives us the ability to complicate things.

Why do you think people love dogs and babies sop much? Because they don’t talk! The lack of communication allows us to tune into the present moment by dialing in our intuition to understand what they are sharing with us. "Not-talking," makes all communication black and white. Think how simple this is. If you can talk, and can only communication with actions, facial expression, and frequency, you would be clearly try to emit something simple like “happy,”, or “excited.”

This frees energy up in the body and in the mind. I think another perk would be that we actually communicate MORE this way, then any other way. It would be more depth, and less “fluff.” Most people talk out of a reaction. They do not even know what they are saying until they say it. This is because we are the “observer” in life. And since we are simply observing most of out chatter, let’s just cut it out.

Most communication is non-verbal as it is! As any public speaking coach!

Next time you talk a walk or have a meal, try not talking.

Not one word.

Report back. Tell me if you enjoyed it more, or less.

Excited to get feedback on this one. If you agree, disagree, have comments, questions, or want to share anything to help me think this through more, please do!

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