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Which Way Is Up?

A beautiful community. Slow meals. Sunshine. Cooking 3x a day. Spending most of your day outside. Simple clothes.

Is this up?

Well- designed business. Freedom of money. Lots of travel. New dining experience, people and things.

Is this up?

Both are up.

“All” is up.

I was once told there are no ordinary moments in life… or a more positive spin might be, “All moments are extraordinary.”

I interpret this as saying that you are always on the path. Always. What other location is there than “on the path?” Where else would you be? What does “on the path” mean?

As I’m writing this… is this up?

Prioritizing creative expression through writing. Finding myself and clarifying lingering thoughts. Practicing what I preach in dedicating time to creativity daily…

Yes. It is all up.

Don’t judge. Don't look back. Again, spinning positively would be to look right here and now.


This poem represents a time in space I have been in. Wondering what I am doing. Trying to determine if it is right. It is. There’s no other option. How else could there be?

Personally, these thoughts would arise from fear.

Fear of the future.

Money fears.

Health fears.

FOMO fears causing me to miss out on the here and now. (Ironic right?)

It is tough to balance though.

Trying to balance inspired action towards a predetermined goal which requires steps and things to be done, versus living 100% in flow and creativity.


Or do you need to enter an analytical mindset rooted in masculine energy? To execute on life?

I romanticize a life where I am so in line with my soul, I can live in flow and instinctively act in a way that allows me to participate in the material world as well. This world with chores, bills, and obligations… is gone.

Biologically, it seems unlikely we can constantly live in flow. But I believe there are more fundamental laws in this universe (yes more fundamental than biological laws like thermodynamics) that allow for mystical experiences to shake up everything we believe in.

Maybe the better question is…

How can we live in love, patience, truth, and presence 100% of the time? Allowing us to truly enter timelessness and just be?

When I reflect on this… I like to think we can.

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