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Rise in Flow

Embrace flow, have some fun, & explore your mind, body, and spirit on this 4-day, 3-night retreat 

COST: $2,222 ($3,333 for Couples)

DATES: APR 27-30

Our goal is to create a container full of creativity, authenticity, and joy! By slowing ourselves down, we will experience the space needed to process emotions and learn tools on how to be streamlined in your life.

In a beautiful and secluded home in the mountains of Northern Arizona, this intimate group is dedicated to learning about themselves via 10+ self-growth modules. We look to build a strong community of leaders and support each other as we cold-plunge, trail run and dive deep within!

This is also a chance for us to cut loose and just have fun with like-minded people! Growth and learning often happens when you are relaxed and not focused on it.


+ More! 

Enjoy freshly prepared meals by our award-winning chef!

"Food to fuel your soul, not your cravings."


Just fly in!

Our retreat will be set in beautiful northern Arizona. Just fly into Phoenix on Thursday, April 27th and we will pick you up!

With transportation, accommodations, food, and packed days, there is nothing you need to do but fly in! 

4 days,

Retreat Outline

Thursday: "Setting the Tone"

Big welcome meal, introductions, room and space to set the tone for the weekend... maybe an impromptu midnight lake swim & hot tub?! 

Friday: “Mind & Body” 

This day is surrounding the physical body and it's connection to the mind. A physical challenge on this day followed by deep reflection to understand how to leverage this experience.


Saturday: “Soul & Transformation” 

This day is for modules about the self and transcending some of the stories or roles that keep us where we are and hold us back from where we wanna be. Breath work, conscious cooking, flow state, journaling, and inner peace module follow by our evening event.


Sunday: “Mindful Integration” 

This is a half day of modules that include tools to bring into your day to day to help create the life you want and deserve!

Rise in flow with us today! 
$2,222 ($3,333 for couples!!)
April 27th - 30th
All food, transportation, modules, & accommodations are included.
Just fly in!

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