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Confidence is Key

Confidence is facing your fears and understanding the “story” your fears are telling you. My hunch is that confidence is the primary factor in health, happiness, and success.

Yes, there are biological factors affecting your health; external factors affecting your happiness; and material things you may need to accomplish to be “successful”. However, I think we can always look to a more fundamental law of nature - confidence.

In other words, our minds. How we are perceiving everything we’re doing and everything that is happening to us.

An example of this would be if I thought of the perfect exercise routine. Along with a “perfect” supplement stack. Would it make me “perfectly physically healthy”? It might. But I don’t think those are the most critical factors.

I think your mindset is.

For example, do you love yourself?

Do you believe in your ability to do [insert example proving physical health]

Are you able to sense the body and have two-way communication with it?

From experience, I know anything ‘great’ I’ve accomplished has come from confidence.

It is the law of attraction.

It is the enduring power behind anything cool or “impressive” I have done.

This begs the question….how do you build your confidence?

This is where it gets interesting…

To become confident in my ability to run 100 miles, I might train - running, strength, stability for 6 months. That would help you physically, biologically, or in the material world… but it would mostly help because by training that hard you are in fact building your confidence.

You are building your faith in yourself.

I believe you could only mediate your way into running 100-miles. Just meditating. No physical training required.

The best way I know to build confidence is to face fears.

Facing fears directly relates to confidence as well. Fear of discomfort, failure, death, missing out, guilt, letting others down…

All of these appear in my life from time to time and facing them would build my confidence up. Let’s take failure. I am scared of my business failing. Why? Because I wouldn’t have money.

Okay but what what would that do… it would mean i cant spend money in excess of what i have saved until I make more money.

Okay so what does that mean… it would mean I would have to live a more simple life or change how I earn. Maybe travel less. Cook more. Maybe get a roommate.

Jus talking through it now makes me want to quit and take a 3-year trip around the world because it is not so scary after all!

I want to test this theory…and I plan too…

Where in your life are you not confident in yourself?

Where are you relying so heavily on external support and setting up a world to keep you “comfortable” versus getting outside of your comfort zone and testing yourself?

Let me know where you plan to test yourself? How? Shoot me an email at

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