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Moving to Europe

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

For the last 2 years, Emma and I have been living on the road.

We just pick where we want to go, figure out a place to live, and then drive there.

This is a beautiful opportunity we have. This is thanks to technology (just being able to work remotely) our family for support (emotional by not judging us and giving us a place to stay when we are in our home towns) and the entrepreneurial spirit we were gifted with to try and do our own thing.

But right now, I am on a flight to Manchester from Portugal, which marks day 2 of our 2-month move to Europe.

There is something about this trip that is different. Besides the different countries and the fact that we won't speak the language in most of the countries we enter.

It is more of an emotional change.

It feels like we are committed to this lifestyle. Equally.

Even more so, it marks a clear opportunistic mindset. One that is okay to move to a different continent for 2 months with nothing planned.

It will just work out.

On our timeline, on our budget, and to fit into the goals we have for life!

What other option is there?

There is incredible energy about being in a new spot. And with all of these new variables, the energy is only increased.

One day 2, I already find it to be a great practice of being an opportunist… practice of being a problem solver… practice of being open-minded.

I also think that this is good for my relationship with Emma. We get to face tons of challenges together and see how we handled them.

I can see the other vantage point of the way we live...

It is harder to cultivate a community.

It can be costly if you are not flexible, creative, and open-minded.

And, it can often do the opposite of bringing you into the present moment... you can also be looking forward to the next trip, planning the next thing, or meeting up with your next friends.

But I was always told to give things a try. My mom used to say that to me all the time. "How do you know you don't like it if you don't try it."

So when Emma and I had the idea to start living like this… try to move to Hawaii… and now, live in Europe... we had to give it a try!

This move to Europe is something I am going to use as a great chance to practice optimism, livng in the moment, and being open-minded.

I hope this inspire you to consider how you can create an environment that forces you to live the values you want to live.

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