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Sunday Funday: “What is it like to be retired for a morning”

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

I woke up today on Sunday, July 17.

I slept in.

That is something I can certainly look back on and be proud of and happy with how I spent that time. I say that because of the importance of sleep, how much my body needs to recover due to the recent ultramarathon, and knowing how much sleep I have gotten over the last several days.

Once I was up, I did some belly breathing as a form of meditation and then did the Wim Hof Method that I start every day with.

Again happy with that and didn’t really have to think much about it as that is part of my morning routine.

Now on a quiet Sunday morning, a beautiful day in Wisconsin, and a deep reservoir of energy running through my veins… I sit questioning myself. “How should I spend my time?”

I have a business book I’d like to finish, a spiritual book I’d like to start, I can always work and go through emails, I do enjoy talking to my family on long walks on the weekend, and of course, I can go exercise.

Well, I could even paint, that's a great creative expression. And recently I have prioritized meditation, so I can do more of that because you can always benefit from more meditation. I also haven’t had breakfast yet and I love to eat.

I’d like to start by saying that I am smiling ear to ear. I am almost in tears writing this. I have the ability to choose between almost anything I want on this planet and for that I am grateful. Choice in and of itself is beautiful.

Now, I also believe that every choice is right. Because who can tell the future until the outcomes of the choice that you’re making. We’re able to bring focus and awareness to the beauty of each potential action, again something we should be grateful for and something that makes each decision correct. Also if I’m choosing between things that are opportunistic, carefully thought about in advance, or felt in advance, then it is a good decision in my book! The opposite of this would be having done this out of habit.

But yet I feel a pressure.

A pressure to do what is best. A pressure to pick the best choice.

So… Let’s define “the best.”

The best choice sharpens my awareness the most, delivers the best outcome for the world, and the decision that is the most fun.

Fun right now while doing the activity as well as enjoying the outcome of the activity.

I believe this all starts with clarity… Do you know who you are?

Once you have clarity I believe it starts then with priorities… Do you live by your priorities?

And lastly but probably most importantly awareness… Does this activity sharpen your awareness in the moment like sprinting does or in the future like meditation might?

I do feel a little weird putting a formula around how to make the best decisions and I’m starting to think this should be something that I should feel versus intellectualize, but I am starting here.

High awareness activities that are clearly prioritized. That is where my attention and energy need to lie.

I chose to write.

I actually chose to write this by hand as I feel it’s more natural and now I am dictating this to my cell phone. The dictation is a great way to reinforce what you wrote out of the stream of consciousness. This intuitively felt like the best thing to do because I had so much confusion and writing creates clarity for me. It is like a silent meditation with direction and action. This is ironic because I have heard meditation being defined as the action of in action.

The reason I’m even having this dialogue is that I have an urge to find something to dedicate my energy, time, and resources towards. I want to have it clearly spelled out for me. Or by me, it doesn’t have to be for me.

Either way, I don’t think that’s a reasonable expectation though.

Having a clear vision to the end, that expectation causes inaction, and inaction gets us nowhere.

Just do it.

Try things.

Build your intuition by acting upon your intuition, dedicating yourself to it, staying present, and if it feels of sick guidance. From yourself or others.

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